Mind Hack - Connect with Your Clarity and Guidance

My gift to you! FREE COURSE! Learn how to change your brainwaves to turn off your racing thoughts and connect with your deeper wisdom.

Are you suffering from racing thoughts or unproductive thought patterns?  Are you feeling stressed and scattered, perhaps to the point of being forgetful?  Are you feeling disconnected from your intuition, perhaps even lost or unempowered? Perhaps you have tried to correct this state and improve your way of thinking, but you feel like it’s not sticking, and it’s not changing how you feel or how you are experiencing life.

The problem is that you are spending too much time in beta brainwaves and relying on your very limited conscious mind to solve problems and guide you.

With this course you will understand how your brainwaves work, and you will have the tools to move into your alpha brainwaves which connect you with a calm state of clarity.  By learning how to bridge your beta brainwaves and alpha brainwaves, you can finally access clear thinking whenever you want.  You will be enriched by a deep connection with your most authentic and accurate guidance and equipped with the knowledge to use this hack in daily life.

As a bonus I have included a free meditation: Alpha Brainwave Meditation to Connect with your Deep Informer, enhanced with binaural and alpha tones to foster whole brain functioning and speed your ability to connect with your Creative Divine Mind.



Where is Your Awareness

Your Facilitator

Brandi Edinger

Hi I'm Brandi!  I'm the owner of Brandi Edinger Healing Arts and the creator of Glimmer Academy.

Through my background as a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master,  Certified BodyMind Bridge Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Yoga Teacher, I have dedicated my life to healing and helping people realize clarity and connection with their mind, body and spirit.

As a Transformation and Empowerment Maven, I assure you that your answers are all inside of you, and I can’t wait to help you connect with them! Helping you to truly stand in your power and align with your unique purpose is my calling and my utter joy.